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Let's make work a better place; for you & the entire human race.

Guiding leaders and organisations into the future of work.

Outdated organisational structures, communication & leadership styles, as well as Gen Y/Z's motives, are challenging companies increasingly, which is reflected by declining employee engagement and negative impact on overall performance.

My mission as Culture Engineer* is to catalyse the shift to a more human and people-centred culture. This paves way for igniting the staff's passion and thus unleashing the full potential — sustainably and beyond organisational boundaries.

The Five Principles

1 / Uniqueness

There is no one-size-fits-all for change. Let me get to know your system for tailored actions. Principles instead of formulas.

2 / Experimentation

Communication without actions is a vain effort. Let's find the ideal approach in an iterative & experimental learning process.

3 / Community

The joy of change can be as contagious as laughter when your employees turn into a vibrant movement* of change leaders.

4 / Enthusiasm

Culture change is not an easy endeavour, yet it is essential to keep up the momentum and a certain level of enthusiasm & joy.

5 / Sustainability

Get prepared to overcome future cultural & workforce-related challenges, bridge hierarchical gaps, and cope with change.

Let's do it

Ready to face the challenges collectively and infect your company with the joy to change for the better?

To get this exciting journey started, reach out to me via good old e-mail, twitter, linkedin or simply give me a call.

I'm currently available one day per week.

Munich, Germany

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