it's me,

Let's make work a better place; for you & the entire human race.

Guiding leaders and organisations into the future of work.

Outdated organisational structures, communication & leadership styles, as well as Gen Y/Z's motives, are challenging companies increasingly, which is reflected by declining employee engagement and negative impact on overall performance.

My mission as Culture Engineer & Coach is to catalyse the shift to a more human and people-centric culture. This paves way for igniting the employees' passion and thus unleashing their full potential โ€” sustainably and even beyond organisational boundaries.

1 / Employee Experience

Let's craft moments that matter and turn your employees' journey into a holistic & unique experience.

2 / Leadership Coaching

Employees are, by far, a company's most valuable asset. Don't let your executive staff be the biggest obstacle.

3 / Change Management

Let's cope with the ongoing change processes, through empathy and concepts of behavioural psychology.

4 / Developer Relations

Trustful relationships between techies, as well as other internal and external stakeholders, are key for tech orgs.

5 / Organisational Development

Let's replace silos with self-organising, cross-functional networks of teams to foster autonomy & ownership.

N / To be explored

I am keen to continuously grow and broaden my perspective. Simply a matter of time, stay tunedโฃ๏ธ

ยปHe brings empathy and passion to his work and I believe that his overall presence had a positive impact on the company and my individual experience working there as well. He is a thoughtful culture warrior and I'm certain that any company that values their culture and ability to handle change will be happy to have him.ยซ

Patrick Dillenberger
Team Lead Global Comms