Let's make work a better place — for you & the entire human race

heck yes, let's do it!

The Mission

Dated organisational structures & leadership styles, as well as the motives of Gen Y/Z, are challenging companies more and more, which is reflected by declining employee engagement and negative impact on overall performance.

My mission as Culture Engineer* is to catalyse the shift to a more people-centred culture. This paves way for igniting the staff's passion and thus unleashing the full potential — even beyond organisational boundaries.

The Beliefs


There is no one-size-fits-all for change. For me, it is important to get to know your system so that tailored actions can be derived. Principles instead of formulas.

no bla

I do not just babble and tell you what theoretically could be done. Instead, all my words are turned into actions in an iterative and experimental learning process.


Are you aware of how contagious laughter is? I truly believe it is the same with change. Starting quite slowly, then surely spreading fast. I'll ignite your spark of change.

The Journey

For a first impression, I will survey, study and accompany your teams. Following this, we will team up to identify the priority issues in your continuous change process and look at those from different points of view as a 360° check.

This will enable us to design, apply & validate tailor-made actions iteratively. Our learnings will help you to sustainably bridge hierarchical gaps, overcome future cultural & workforce-related challenges, as well as cope with change.

The Inbox

Ready to face the challenges collectively and infect your company with the joy to change for the better?

To get this exciting journey started, reach out to me via good ol' e-mail, twitter or simply give me a call.

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