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Hiya, I'm Felix

— a compassionate, technical business partner with a proven track record of bridging between tech communities, business operations, and leadership. Passionate about unleashing potential at the intersection of people and tech.

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Embedded into the engineering organisation, I partner with senior leadership in the Platform Tribe and CTO Office, and global People functions on shaping an environment that sustainably attracts, retains and grows high-performing teams.

For that purpose, I mediate between the business, leadership and frontline to catalyse organisational development; build essential tools, processes and structures on the engineers' journey; support the personal growth of engineering managers and technical program managers; and extend the leadership teams to create more bandwidth on their side to operate the organisation.

I have autonomously overseen up to 160 individuals spread across the globe while expanding my scope as People Business Partner by gradually taking on more responsibility for strategy and business operations of the Platform Tribe.