Felix Heck

Developer Advocate at car2go

You might wonder who the heck?
Well, it’s me, Felix.

He is a Backend Engineer & Advocate at car2go in Stuttgart enhancing both the tech culture and interactions with the community — his current focus is on CQRS & event sourcing as well as DX-boosting tools.

Passionate about working on early-stage products to evaluate concepts & business models, and craft unique & value-adding XPs based on his interdisciplinary background — computer science, design, media business & natural sciences.

Apart from caring for the customers’ interests, he is also deeply passionate about the needs of developers & their products. As an open source contributor, he enjoys supporting the developer and customer community in their growth and evolution.

In order to get an outline of his academic and professional background, as well as extracurricular activities and skills, feel free to check the current resume.


Gossip Insights – Graph-based Keyword Extraction & Visualisation

Although the word clouds in software like Brandwatch Analytics provide a good overview of discussed topics and diverse insights into social media trends, further information, including contextual relationships between word groups, is lost in this visualisation. These can be useful for the rapid exploration of several discussed topics and their significance in the selected time interval. The aim of this master thesis (paper) was to design and implement a prototype to the problem, so that important topics can be extracted, visualised and explored in a contextual manner. Check out the demo about some Wagamama related gossip — it’s fun 😉.

Microservices in Multi Cloud Systems

The aim of this paper is to examine the use of microservices in multi-cloud systems with a focus on service discovery. First, microservices and multi-cloud systems are clearly defined and delimited from related concepts. These definitions serve as the basis for comparing service discovery strategies.

Conception and Implemention of a Generic Authorization Layer

The development of single-page applications occasionally requires an additional client-side authorization layer that improves the UX by role-based toggling UI elements. This bachelor thesis , written in collaboration with Virtual Identity, aims to design and implement a generic easy-to-integrate implementation to address the problem.