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who the heck

— you may ask yourself. I believe that the faster we get to know each other, and you understand me, the quicker we start to work well together. This is not a replacement for getting to know each other but much more a catalyst.

Felix Heck at a leadership workshop

People Partnering

Role Interpretation

I am a partner on all issues related to our organisation's health and development. My role naturally adapts to the teams' specific needs. It comes down to shaping an environment that sustainably attracts, retains and grows high-performing teams.

Growth Areas

The following insights are supposed to make it easier for reports, managers, peers and stakeholders to support me and hold me accountable on my journey.

More focus on finance and OKRs is essential for me to become a well-rounded partner for teams and the business. Hence, feel free to involve me in related initiatives; I promise to keep an eye out for such opportunities. The same applies to programs enabling us to raise the engineering organisation to a more mature level.


You Are Priority

There is hardly anything more important than talking to you if you want to talk to me. Heard a rumour? Need context? Let me know as soon as possible. We do not need to wait for our next 1on1. Feel free to put something in my calendar. If you cannot find a free slot, drop me a line, and I will move things around.

Out of Schedule

We work across the globe and have different working hours. Usually, I try to schedule messages for later to get them out of my head and still not disturb you. Should you receive a message from me outside of your working hours, I do not expect an immediate response. Likewise, please do not expect a reply from me outside of my schedule — my Slack status generally is a good indicator.


I truly believe that a sense of belonging and fundamental behaviours are the key to collaborating successfully at eye level: it is being compassionate, courteous and kind, respectful, authentic, and of integrity, as well as listening to others and letting them finish. Also, not taking things for granted, but being curious and questioning things critically. You might say that should be a given, and you are right.

Please, consider our relationship always as one between adults. Thus, let us hold each other accountable when we do not keep promises. No one likes to keep running after others. Reliability helps us keep our heads clear and focus on matters that need our full attention.


When & How

Avoiding difficult conversations is not healthy and undermines trust. Feedback is critical to both of our successes. So please, let us share feedback immediately — in a corner, a brief call or tools like Slack — and refer to specific situations as well as our behaviour's impact. Also, let us recognise that we may need a night to reflect and think critically before acting on it. Do you need feedback on something specific? Let me know. I am more than happy to share my outside perspective.


Three dimensions are required to continue giving you feedback: it must be safe and as easy to deliver as possible while being taken seriously. In case I do not do well in any of these, please point it out. I am an advocate for the Situation-Behaviour-Impact model; expect me to be applying it regularly. Feel free to provide feedback to me by using it, as it can make provided feedback more meaningful.



Let us start with 25 minutes weekly and then adjust to what works best. We respect each other's time, so our 1on1s must be valuable. I promise to come prepared and ask that you do as well. For this purpose, I share a Notion page for regular meetings. This is supposed to help us keep track of what is going on, manage context switches and hold each other accountable.

What & How

There is a lot of variety in how to have our 1on1s. Let us have a coffee outside the office or a walk in the park. Let me know what works best. This also applies when working in different locations; it does not need a video call.

Feel free to come with a topic you would like to discuss. I default to open. You can ask me anything. The vast majority of the time, I will answer. Very infrequently, I won't be able to. Yet I am committed to never lie to you.