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Working in a highly clustered environment without seeing the big picture gives you the feeling of a black box with a fading collective vision. Our mission is to put people first by sharing knowledge on innovation, corporate culture and working environment.

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Due to jobs in different companies and teams, it has become obvious that the best motivation and spirit have been among highly productive teams. In our experience, the performance can be improved through conscious action on common values, a proper mindset and corporate culture as well as well-defined accountabilities. That’s why we focus on these topics to maximise internal resources and experise.

is meant as a digital magazine and community, whose focus is not on specific technologies & code, but on the people and the environment of modern technology companies of different scale. There are no secret recipes shared here, but mental impulses, as every individual and thus every company is unique.

In addition, occasionally articles are published that provide insights into personal interests or career paths of the authors. But don’t worry, there’ s no code 😉.

The Crew

Felix Heck

He is a Backend Engineer & Advocate at car2go in Stuttgart enhancing both the tech culture and interactions with the community — his current focus is on CQRS & event sourcing as well as DX-boosting tools. Read more.


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