it's me,

Patrick Dillenberger

Communications Manager

»I've worked alongside Felix for close to three years and have experienced him as do-gooder with a keen eye for organizational development.

Together we completed a Change Agent qualification that lasted several months — aimed at equipping us with the knowledge and tools to help SHARE NOW employees to cope with the difficult post-merger integration phase in 2019 and 2020.

Felix quickly took on an elevated role within the Change Agents group, started to facilitate our learning sessions and gained valuable experience in face-to-face coaching (yes, he coached me and it helped me a lot).

He brings empathy and passion to his work and I believe that his overall presence had a positive impact on the company and my individual experience working there as well.

He is a thoughtful culture warrior and I'm certain that any company that values their culture and ability to handle change will be happy to have him.«

Ready to infect your company with the joy to change for the better? To get this journey started, reach out to me via good old e-mail, twitter, linkedin or simply give me a call.

I'm currently available one day per week.

Munich, Germany

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