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My Thoughts

— on how we interact with each other in our daily work lives, in terms of behaviour and communication, and what we could do to tackle challenges more effectively. Also, I share some of my self-reflective thought processes.

Hiking at Sight

Having No Clue What Lies Ahead

 / 4min / Personal

The Post-Honeymoon Phase

Retrospect on My First 100 Days

 / 6min / Personal

Heck Yea!

Joining SumUp as People Partner

 / 6min / Personal

Overworking, Today's Cocaine

My Thoughts on Peer Pressure and Burnout

 / 5min / Culture

So Far, yet so Close

About an Unusual Kind of Relationship

 / 4min / Personal

In the Rear-View Mirror

How SHARE NOW's Changed My Life

 / 9min / Personal

Together Is Better

Our Department's Approach to Change

 / 6min / Culture

Take Note of Me

Make Knowledge Organisation Fun

 / 5min / Technology

The Year of Change

Brushing-Up My Three Worlds

 / 10min / Personal

Stanford's Back in London

Summary of YLD's 2nd Leadership Workshop

 / 14min / Event

Sharing Is Caring

How Our Lightning Talks Succeeded

 / 7min / Culture

Nutrient-Poor Soil

When Transformation Is a Vain Attempt

 / Series / Leadership

Stanford Meets Europe

Summary of YLD's 1st Leadership Workshop

 / 7min / Event

Being Passionate about Passion

Are Consultants Most Willing to Learn?

 / 9min / Culture

The Treasure Hunt

Some Insights into External Networking

 / 5min / Culture

Shut up, Boss Inc!

Don't Leave Yourself at the Entry

 / 6min / Culture

The Designer Straitjacket

My Thoughts on Job Titles' Impact

 / 5min / Culture

Tinder for Colleagues

A More Efficient and Human Workplace

 / 5min / Culture

The Value Chain

How to Inspire Employees Sustainably

 / 7min / Culture

Consider Your Company a Chameleon

Don't Drive Change for Change's Sake

 / 4min / Culture

Caged versus Free-Range Offices

My Thoughts on Open vs. Closed Spaces

 / 5min / Culture

The Camel Case

A Camel Is a Horse Designed by Committee

 / 5min / Culture

Why Daheq Not?!

The Future of My Digital Innovation Hub

 / 6min / Personal

Truth, Trust & Transparency

The Pillars of Corporate Culture

 / 6min / Culture

Besides Burgers and Beers

Company Events as a Culture Indicator

 / 5min / Culture

XOXO Gossip Insights

Another Way to Visualise Keywords

 / 5min / Technology

No Failure for the Sake of Failure

Failure Is Not an Option, but Still Okay

 / 6min / Culture

Force-Directed Networks in Companies

The Balance of Attractive & Repulsive Forces

 / 4min / Culture

The Anatomy of an Avocado

X Reasons Why Avocados Are Healthy

 / 4min / Personal

When Values Become a Joke

Why It's Important to Choose Your Values Honestly

 / 3min / Culture

What If...?

Retro: German Summit of Medium-Sized Enterprises

 / 4min / Event

Let's Get down to Business

Undead Warlock or Night Elf Druid?

 / 4min / Personal

Beyond the Horizon

Why It Is Important to Overview Your Company

 / 4min / Culture