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Undead Warlock or Night Elf Druid?

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'World of Warcraft' character creator 'World of Warcraft' character creator by wowhead

Now it's time to think about 'what I want to do when I am grown up'. For all (ex) gamers among you: it feels like creating a new character in World of Warcraft with endless possibilities. Undead Warlock or Night Elf Druid?1

As mentioned in the previous article, I have already been through several stations as a freelancer, intern or working student. I was very fortunate so far that I haven't caught a black sheep. All jobs were definitely worth their experience and right at the respective time. However, I have the impression that I need something new in order to be able to evolve personally. So I want to share my thoughts on what I would like to do & which company/team I would like to join.

If you meet all the reqs, DON'T apply, b/c it means you have nowhere to grow in the job. [...] 50% of the bullets should be reqs, the other 50% should be 'this is what you'll learn in the first 12 months'. Kyle Simpson

A few weeks ago I spotted this tweet in my feed, thought it was a useful advice and decided to use it as a guideline. As I said before, I want to evolve, and if the job doesn't ask for anything new, that' s not impossible, but more difficult. In fact, I've taken that to heart in all my former jobs, but it's good to be reminded of it.

I Wanna Really, Really, Really Wanna...

Love the Products

I've probably mentioned it before, either on Twitter or in a personal chat. Anyway, those who know me well, know about it. I want to identify myself with the company, the product and the vision. In the best case, I use the product myself, or I am immediately excited by it. I want to help make great products even better to fulfil the wishes and interests of the company and its customers.

Isn't it great to be able to say, 'wow, we managed that' when using a product? Don't we all want to be part of something bigger? Here, first and foremost I am talking about the team and its success.

Early-Stage Products

What I love is, among others, what my current and last job have in common: it is working on early-stage products — like prototypes, proof of concepts and MVPs. It feels more creative because it's easier to bring in your ideas & because of the dialogue with other departments. In my opinion, my background in computer science, design, media business & natural sciences, is an advantage for such jobs. I'd like to keep these aspects and improve my skills in some engineering roles.

People Help the People

Even if I want to continue developing software, I still want to improve my skills in other areas. A while ago I thought about areas of interest and created a chart for this purpose. As you can see below, I would like to take on both more responsibility & a role that demands more communication and be some kind of consultant. At this time, I don't want to be a team leader, but at least I would like to get more leadership coaching.

Personal skill map

Community ≥ Team?

As mentioned before, a team that trusts each other and pursues common goals is essential for successful work. And because also the developers have needs — apart from snacks, drinks and a good workstation — I would like to support the internal developer community to help them grow (together).

This also includes representing the company and its development teams externally. On the one hand, to show the developer community what is 'under the hood' of our products. On the other hand, to promote and support open source. Be honest, how much of the modules and frameworks used in your company are open source? Not only, but especially in the JavaScript world, you can't get around open source. I was taught that a relationship is give and take.

Not only do we contribute to the open source community, but we also give external developers the chance to participate. I honestly believe that this strengthens both sides and maybe even the customer community.

In the End

My passion is not 100% reflected in the tweet by Gleb Bahmutov, but it seems to sum up my essay quite well in some parts, doesn't it?

My dream job would be go around conferences, inventing new stuff and talking to devs and then writing new tools to solve everyone's problems. Gleb Bahmutov

Apart from the fact that titles are usually useless anyway, it might be difficult to name such a role. Maybe in a certain way it's a Developer Advocate? Anyway, I am looking forward to an exciting transition period and I am overly curious about what the future holds. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Undead Warlock, obviously!
  2. Psst...did you notice all the song references in the headings?

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